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Buy, specify and/or sell Bodypoint

For questions about what to order or how to use it, please call 800 547 5716 toll free or e-mail us. You may also find our blog helpful.

Additionally, a chat window is available at the lower right of the home page and product pages.

Wheelchair User or Therapist

To find a sales representative in your area, for orders that will be submitted for reimbursement, visit our Find a Partner page.

If you prefer to order directly on line, paying with a credit card, visit one of our online retail partners: Medicaleshop ,  or RehabMart. You can now purchase select Bodypoint products on

US Dealers

If you are a US reseller (storefront or e-tailer) interested in becoming a Bodypoint dealer, please complete our online application. If you are a current Bodypoint dealer, please call or email to learn how to order from us on line.

International Distributors

Purchase Bodypoint products outside the US.


Please contact us with your company name, location and URL. We work with many manufacturers of wheelchairs, shower chairs and more, and look forward to adding value to your mobility products.

Questions? Let us know.