Lower Body

If feet aren't stable, the torso twists to compensate, causing pain and compromising function. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.


Non-skid nylon-coated aluminum with rounded edges protects humans, pets, walls and doors. Two sizes, and tough enough for kids and users with high tone.

Parallel Tube Mounting Clamp

Mount footplate extensions, joystick mounts and other accessories securely

Durable for indoor and outdoor use
Adjustable Angle Footplate Kit

Slotted and sized for easy mounting and secure fit for our Ankle Huggers®

Customize your kit to address unique foot support needs

Includes two footplate clamps, with your choice of extension tubes and footplates. For complex cases, select our most flexible mounting solution, the Fulcrum Tube.
Extension Tube for Adjustable Footplates

Mounts internally or externally to wheelchair tubing, using one tool, with user in chair. Infinite rather than stepwise adjustment.

Withstands severe thrust and extension.

Well-suited for tilt chairs, high tone and children.

Fulcrum tube option addresses complex needs, including contractures, frequent movement and residual limb support.
Slotted Footplates

Easy to install and adjust with user in the chair

Non-skid surface and thick rounded edges protect people, pets, doors and walls

Aluminum with nylon top layer provides lightweight yet high strength for rough use, tilt chairs and high tone

Customized mounting with long central slot and sized for simple, secure mounting of our durable Ankle Huggers®

Footplate Clamp

Adjust the footplate while the user is seated and lock tightly into position for complete stability.