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Athlete: Josh Dueck / JoshDueck.com & Photo: Alain Sleigher / AlainSleigher.com

Position matters

A wheelchair user whose torso is falling to one side, whose feet are at different heights, who is hunching forward, cannot fully use her abilities. And however little movement she had to begin with, a weak position means more pain, as well as fall, skin and circulatory risks. Basic functions from breathing to bowel control may also be compromised by the wrong position.

It's personal

Bodypoint's award-winning, patented, uniquely standards-tested postural support products for wheelchair users improve safety, comfort and independence. A strong position may prevent a pressure ulcer, win a medal or help someone eat lunch, but it's always about helping one person at a time.

Wheelchair positioning is all we do, for thousands of very important reasons -- our users.

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