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Commitment through advocacy

"What is really amazing to me is working with people and products and seeing how it can change their life so dramatically. It really is a quality of life issue.

- David Hintzman
  Bodypoint Co-founder

Staying involved

Bodypoint contributes significant time and resources to the support of wheelchair users as well as their families, friends, therapists worldwide. Some examples:  

  • Voicing support for industry wheelchair seating standards, including ISO and RESNA standards for postural support products

  • Actively supporting organizations that help improve access to products and services that improve the quality of life for people who use wheelchairs. This includes the annual National CRT Leadership and Advocacy Conference for DME industry leaders

  • Advocating for increased access to products that users need through the adoption of a separate benefit category for complex rehabilitation on both the national and state level

  • Supporting and participating in organizations that offer people with disabilities a way to be involved in recreation and social activities, such as Seattle Adaptive Sports , Ian's Ride and Rock N Roll Pickleball.

  • Donating products internationally through organizations such as UCP Wheels for Humanity and Global Mobility, increasing access to mobility for those who need a wheelchair but cannot afford one

  • Participating in groups that support higher standards in the field, including: National Registration of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS), National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART), Clinician Task Force

  • Providing educational resources to inform people about the importance of correct positioning and the impact that it has on mobility, independence and overall quality of life

  • To support a better quality of life for everyone, please consider a contribution of time, expertise or funds to one of the organizations above.