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A better fit

The standards provide a common language for linear and angular dimensions of postural support devices, helping you choose the correctly sized product. You have guidance on how to measure a person's size and desired sitting posture, as well as how to prescribe and set up a seating system that matches the person, reducing repeat visits to re-fit, adjust, or replace devices. And when postural support devices fit comfortably and securely, wearing hours increase  yielding better clinical and personal outcomes.

A method-driven approach

Proper positioning begins with accurate measurements and sizing. Bodypoint's standards-based sizing guidelines go beyond "small-medium-large" to provide additional critical measures, such dimension across the hips, as well as product size and fit for user mass and intended loads.

For example, a child with a 10-inch hip width should not receive a belt with a 2-inch buckle. Standards make it easier to determine the right product for each individual.

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