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The Power of
Human Potential

"At Bodypoint, we work every day to better understand the capabilities and aspirations of people who use wheelchairs. As we imagine, design and manufacture our products, we strive to bridge the gap between the hard and the soft, the inanimate and the living, to create a better connection between wheelchairs and people."

- David Hintzman
  Bodypoint Co-founder

Every device we make, no matter how simple, should deliver the highest level of comfort, safety, fit, performance and aesthetics. At Bodypoint, we are passionate about positioning every wheelchair user to reach personal goals.

Bodypoint began in 1991, when founders David Hintzman and Matthew Kosh brought together their common industry experience, original product designs and shared desire for a more serious approach to wheelchair seating accessories.

The company was built around the idea of inventing and manufacturing well-crafted, highly-functional postural support products for people using wheelchairs. Recognizing the close physical connection between a wheelchair and its user, the name "Bodypoint" represents our vision of creating solutions for very specific needs at different points on the body. These solutions empower individuals to reach higher, stretch further and achieve more in their lives.

We're proud of what we do

We make products that are a part of people's everyday lives so we understand how important it is to make them extraordinary. We appreciate the recognition we receive and work hard every day to be worthy of it.


Two Bodypoint products chosen by ATPs and clinicians as technology to solve unique seating and mobility challenges for their clients

Nothing says ingenuity like being first

We're passionate about solving problems in new ways and have earned numerous patents along the way. We're proud of our innovation timeline, but are also planning new and improved products in the future.

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