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It's personal.

Wheelchair positioning begins with the person, not the equipment.

Good seating begins with the basics Ė the seat, the backrest, and the userís orientation in the wheelchair. Bodypoint adds a wide range of additional postural supports that increase the userís comfort and mobility, ultimately creating a better connection between the person and the wheelchair. Whether itís the joystick handle that fits the curves of the palm, the belt that doesnít slip, or the footplates that can be fine-­tuned to reduce joint stress, we tackle each positioning challenge from the userís point of view.

Based and manufacturing in Seattle since 1991, we call ourselves "positioning champions" because that is our only business and we have never stopped improving our solutions. You can read about our patents, people and processes, but we also hope you'll try our products and see for yourself. And feel free to contact us with questions or comments at any time.

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