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Choosing a Padded Hip Belt

Precise Part Numbers for Better Fit

Bodypoint padded hip belt part numbers put you in control for a more reliable belt fit.

Sizing is shown in the charts below. You can easily tell the webbing width and padded length from looking at the size code (e.g., M46).

Webbing width for all padded hip belts: 

  • Small = 2.5cm (1”) wide webbing 
  • Medium = 4cm (1-1/2”) wide
  • Large = 5cm (2”) wide

The padded length (the part of the belt that is up against the body in front of the chair) is indicated by the numeral after the webbing size. For example, an HB205-M46 has 1-1/2” wide webbing and a total padded length of 46cm.

Padded hip belt sizing
How to Measure for a Padded Hip Belt
To ensure proper fit and best performance, always select the padded belt size that best fits the user. When working with the Evoflex, consider adding Belt Extenders if longer straps are needed to reach the desired mounting point (see below).

Determine the correct belt size for the user:
Additional Instructions for the Evoflex®

Determine total length needed for mounting:
Two-Point and Four-Point Padded Hip Belts
Evoflex® Hip Belts

Evoflex® + NEW Belt Extender

For those who are used to our old, pre-2017 part numbers, here's a conversion chart

The video below shows how to determine the mounting point and angle. It only takes a minute.
Once you know the mounting point and angle, use a soft tape measure to determine the total
padded length
you need, as shown in this video.
Now you can select the belt size that most closely matches what the user needs. See the sizing tables above to convert between centimeters and inches, if needed.

Not sure what padded belt options we offer? Here's the table.

Part numbers for Evoflex® and other Padded Hip Belts

Choose desired end-fitting, then add suffix -B1 or -B2 to the end of the part numbers.
Cinch-Mount™ (-B2)
Allows quick, easy and precise adjustments to strap length for changes in weight and clothing
Flat-Mount™ (-B1)
Versatile, lowest profile


As before, A1 is a Flat-Mount™ + FrameSaver™ clamp, A2 is a Cinch Mount™ + FrameSaver™, B1 is the Flat-Mount™ only, and B2 is the Cinch-Mount™. 

For additional help choosing the best hip belt style and size to meet your needs, use our handy wizard here