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Can I order without setting up an account if I’m using a credit card?

You will need an account to place orders. We are happy to have you use a credit card for payment once your account is set up, or we will can consider net 30 credit terms if you complete a credit application.

How long does it take to get an account set up after I submit the paperwork? How soon can I place an order or obtain a quote?

We typically create customer accounts within one business day of your application. We will contact you  with your account number as soon as we have created your account. Once you have your account number you can place orders or request quotes from us.

What is the difference between front-pull and rear-pull?

These terms relate to tightening the top straps on our shoulder harness and Stayflex products. Front-pull (pulling the adjustment straps forward) would be useful if the user can adjust the top straps herself, or if a caregiver wanted to maintain eye contact with the user while the adjustment was being made. Rear-pull (pulling the adjustment straps backward) separates the attachment point from the user and is ideal for thicker backrests and some children.

What is a Flat-Mount™/Cinch-Mount™?

Flat-Mount™ and Cinch-Mount™ are types of end-fitting hardware that attach products to wheelchairs. Flat-Mount™ end fittings are triangular pieces of heat-treated nickel-plated steel that have a slot through which to weave the webbing and then you use the provided steel slide to adjust the webbing tension. Cinch-Mount™ end fittings function like cam buckles, in which you open the cover then feed the webbing through and then close the cover to lock the webbing in place, a more secure means of grasping the webbing.

Do you have strap guides for your shoulder harnesses?

By following the included Bodypoint installation instructions for our shoulder harnesses, no strap guides are required. If you have concerns, please ask.

Can I use a Bodypoint shoulder harness on a sling back chair?

No, Bodypoint shoulder harnesses with top straps need a rigid or hard backrest for attachment since they have to be screwed into the backrest. However, our upper body support options for sling back chairs include our Monoflex, Chest Belt and Universal Elastic Strap.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Customers must contact Bodypoint within 30 days of the purchase date for a required return authorization. All returns are subject to a 15% processing fee. We do not offer exchanges, but issue a credit against your next purchase. View our full product warranty policy.

What is a FrameSaver™ Clamp?

A FrameSaver™ clamp is a nylon clamp that fits around the tubing on a seat rail and creates a mounting point without having to drill into the seat rail.

What size of Calf Panel or Calf Strap do I order if I only know the width of the wheelchair?

Calf Panels and Calf Straps can be fitted to the width of a wheelchair roughly as follows, depending on how much "give" the user needs.

Size Small – 31cm - 38cm (12” - 15”)
Size Medium – 38cm - 48cm (15” - 19”)
Size Large – up to 20" or so chairs depending on tautness needed -- ask us!