Pelvic Positioning

As the body's core, the pelvis anchors safe, comfortable, functional positions. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.

Hip Belts
Unique soft but not slippery nylon webbing, anatomically-correct pads and standards-tested buckles facilitate safe, independent movement. Select a hip belt style from the choice
below, learn how to effectively size and fit the belt, and select the right end-fitting and mounting hardware.
Leg Harness
The go-to solution for users who may slide out of their chairs, have involuntary movement or experience spasticity.
Essentials Hip Belt
Not sure if you need extra mounting hardware? See the options. Also, get to know our sub-ASIS pads, the easy, adjustable way to avoid bladder pressure and fill gaps caused by atrophy
or asymmetry, without over-tightening the belt. Any belt with an "LB" in the part number, or the Evoflex®, is compatible!