A postural support is only as reliable as the standards-tested Bodypoint hardware that holds it to the chair.

Watch the Bodypoint Mounting Hardware Kit video to see how to choose the best mounting option at the time of installation.

Our patented, strength-tested, corrosion-resistant mounting clamps are compatible with most wheelchair models. If you're not sure what to order, please call or e-mail and we'll help.
Mounting Attachments

After you have selected a belt or harness and the preferred end-fitting, you may also need additional mounting hardware to ensure the best possible fit. Choose from a wide variety of mounting hardware
that is tested extensively with our postural supports. Selecting the right Bodypoint hardware creates a standards-tested combination and makes it easier to get "just the right fit" for predictable,
durable results.

Once you have selected a belt or harness and your preferred end-fitting, use our handy tubing gauge to measure diameter if needed, to determine the mounting hardware that will work best.