Lower Body

Instability in the lower body often causes the trunk to twist while attempting to compensate, causing pain and compromising function. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.

Calf Supports

Available as a calf strap or panel ("H strap"), each product has two layers: silky, smooth Aeromesh® against the leg, and a stiffener layer to provide structure.
This combination blends comfort and function, controlling flexion and helping to keep feet from falling, without bruising skin. Unlike generic supports, the special Velcro®-style closure
material will not chafe, catch or snag clothing. Like all our products, these machine wash and dry.

Aeromesh® Calf Supports

Engineered for superior pressure distribution and durability, Bodypoint Calf Supports support the lower legs and control flexion without bruising.

Our soft, cool Aeromesh® provides just enough give for stable comfort.

For more targeted ankle support, consider our patented Ankle Huggers® instead.