Upper Body

Shoulder and chest position are critical to breathing, speech, eating and drinking. Bodypoint offers a variety of two-point and four-point anterior trunk supports to address different positioning needs.

Shoulder Harness
Bodypoint shoulder harnesses pull the trunk and shoulders upwards and backwards to increase function and help keep users from falling forward. Choose the PivotFit™ for balanced shoulder
and chest support, or the Trimline for more focused shoulder retraction or significant asymmetry. For greater sternal support, consider the Stayflex™ (see Chest Support). Our PivotFit,
Trimline and Stayflex lines now come with an MD (multi-directional) Pull Strap so they can be configured as front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting and more easily adapt to individual
user needs.
Chest Support
Stabilize the upper body, while allowing for the chest expansion that supports breathing, eating and speaking.
An elastic strap or adding slip-on pads to an unpadded belt can help achieve optimal upper body support.