We provide innovative pediatric and sports options, along with our patented Aeromesh® belt and calf support for shower chairs, pool lifts and beach wheelchairs. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.


Shower chair users are at risk for slipping and falls. Our supports withstand daily water exposure without becoming stiff and uncomfortable. Our Aeromesh® material is soft, silky and non-chafing to skin, while allowing water, soap, dirt and air to flow freely through -- and is machine-washable and dryable to maintain user hygiene.

Aeromesh® Shower Chair Calf Support

Attaches to all major shower chair models with sewn-in clips -- no hardware required. Easily detaches for washing or transfers. 4" height is tall enough for support, without interfering with chair operation. Like our other products, fully machine washable up to 140°F/60°C, and machine or air dries.
Aeromesh® Rapid-Dry Bath Belts

For many users, a slippery shower or pool chair's most important feature is the belt.

Water, soap, grime and air easily pass through ours, for quick drying

The softest mesh available offers safe bathing and swimming

The one-piece version can also be used as a chest support

Machine washable at up to 1400 F, and machine dry.
Stainless Steel Band Clamp

Fit into tight gaps under wheelchair seats

Made with stainless steel to resist corrosion

For mounting where there are no pre-existing holes

Highest strength of any accessory clamp on the market
Frame Clamp

Open-jaw design fits underneath seat upholstery and armrest pads

Made with sturdy, two-piece aluminum construction for long life
Bath Belt Release Knob

Compatible with our one and two-piece Aeromesh® Rapid-Dry Bath Belts with a grommet attachment

Allows for quick swapping of bath belts between shower chairs, or removal for cleaning or adjustment.