Upper Body

Good trunk position is critical to stability and upper body function, affecting areas like breathing, speech and swallowing. Bodypoint offers a variety of two-point and four-point anterior trunk supports to address different positioning needs. See our Anterior Trunk Support Usage Guide for additional guidance on selecting and using these products.

Strap Guide Mounting Adapters

Increases mounting and adjustment options for Strap Guides.

Minimizes the need for drilling.

Makes fine-tuning after attachment a snap.

Available in two sizes.
Shoulder Harness Strap Guides

Improves positioning and comfort of chest and shoulder harnesses by optimizing height and angle of top straps.

Expands use of harnesses to chairs with low, curved or contoured backs.

Easy to install and adjust.

Available in two lengths.
Elastic Extension Strap

The Elastic Extension Strap adds 28" to the original Universal Elastic Strap, e.g. for front and back applications,

Since the Velcro®-type fastener is more difficult to manipulate and less obtrusive than the Elastic Strap, it can also work well on its own, as a lower leg support in a wheelchair for even young children and toddlers.
Slip-on Pads

Used with our non-padded belts, including our Quad Belt, for added comfort

Slide over the webbing for greater pressure distribution

Available in three sizes

Elastic Strap

Available in three widths and cut-to-size 56" length, the Strap provides temporary or all-day support for travel, work, exercise, sports and everything else.

More comfortable than traditional binders or corsets, yet firmly supportive. Use on the chest, abdomen, thighs or lower legs.

Made from a cushy fabric with no irritating stitching, with an easy-grasp thumb hole, and will not snag clothing.