Power Chair Components

Our durable midline mounting system and joystick handles enable safe, comfortable, all-day wheelchair driving. To see all product options, click a picture below.

Rubber Dome Joystick Handles

Designed for users with weak hands.

Low, wide form matches shape of palm.

Ribbed texture increases friction and keeps hands from slipping off.
Straight Joystick Handles

Easily grasp the joystick with only the last joint of the user's fingers.

Especially useful for anyone with very limited hand function.

Lets users change the length with little effort for a precise fit.
U-shaped Joystick Handle

Form-fitting and ergonomic with its curved shape and waterfall edge, which supports finger or wrist driving.

Provides maximum driving control while remaining comfortable for users with SCI, CP and more.
Grooved Mushroom Joystick Handle

Top and side grooves give superior grip and control for users with limited hand function or smooth palms.

Hand-filling shape works great whether grasping from side or top.

Can be easily trimmed to different heights to meet individual user needs.

Springy and tough polyurethane is safe, easy to grip and easy to clean.