Power Chair Components

Our versatile, durable joystick handles and midline mounts enable a choice of all-day independent operation or easier caregiver assistance with traditional or alternative drive controls.

Joystick Handles

Our unique flex-shaft joystick handles dampen spasms and provide leverage for easier wheelchair driving. A range of shapes, sizes and materials addresses functional needs and personal style.

Rubber Dome Joystick Handles

Designed for users with weak hands

Our shortest joystick handle, it has a wide diameter

Low 1-inch (25mm) profile keeps fingers open for a lot of control
Straight Joystick Handles

Easily grasp the joystick with only the last joint of the user's fingers

Especially useful for anyone with very limited hand function

Lets users change the length with little effort for a precise fit
Aluminum Top Joystick Handles

A stylish way to personalize a power chair with a great blue.

Can fill a child's hands for an easy grip
Mushroom Head Joystick Handles

High friction surface makes it easy to grip

Good for users with a very limited range of motion
Ball Knob Joystick Handles

Provides more comfort than other ball knob handles

Larger than standard ball knob joysticks to fill the user's hand
U-shaped Joystick Handle

Form-fitting and ergonomic with its curved shape and waterfall edge

Provides maximum driving control while remaining comfortable