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Grooved Mushroom Joystick Handle

Versatile, height-adaptable model with grooved texture and hand-filling shape

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Product Overview

Grooved Mushroom Joystick Handle

This revolutionary joystick handle is the result of years of learning from customers and collaboration with users and clinicians. Its textured surface, hand-filling shape, and adaptable height make it a versatile model that meets the needs of many different users:

  • Large side grooves and fine top grooves improve friction, giving better grip and more control for users with limited hand function or smooth palms.
  • Carefully refined, hand-filling shape works equally well for users grasping from the side or the top
  • Preferred height for upright gripping, yet can be easily trimmed with a utility knife to six different heights (from 60 to 28mm) to meet individual user needs, including palmar hand position or fingertip control.
As with all Bodypoint® joystick handles, the difference is in the details:

  • Springy and tough polyurethane material is safe (non-cytotoxic), easy to grip and easy to clean by hand or in dishwasher.
  • Flexible shaft dampens vibration in driving and reduces risk of damage to electronic joystick controls.
  • Special materials provide superior resistance to pull-off from the metal stem.
  • Attachment to the joystick box can be temporary by pressing it on or the handle can be made permanent. Find out how.

  Grooved Mushroom Joystick Handle
  Info Sheet

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Product Sizing

PC110A:Ø42mm (1-5/8 in), 60mm (2 3/8 in), total height, Fits stem size: Ø4.8mm (3/16 in)
Ø42mm (1-5/8 in), 60mm (2 3/8 in), total height, Fits stem size: Ø6.4mm (1/4 in)

Information about stem sizes used on particular joystick controllers is included in the Joystick Mounting Adapter Compatibility Specs.
Check with your controller manufacturer if your model is not listed or you need additional information.

Product Instructions
Instructions for Use

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Joystick Handle Product Instruction

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