Lower Body

Instability in the lower body often causes the trunk to twist while attempting to compensate, causing pain and compromising function. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.

Ankle Huggers®
Unique laminar pads™ keep feet centered, while the reinforcement patch increases stability. Properly fitted Ankle Huggers® may dampen spasms that begin in the feet before they
start, and avoid the need for shoeholders that can damage tissue on top of the feet. Use in wheelchairs, adaptive cycles, exercisers, etc.
Calf Supports
Available as a calf strap or panel ("H strap"), each product has two layers: silky, smooth Aeromesh® against the leg, and a stiffener layer to provide structure.
This combination blends comfort and function, controlling flexion and helping to keep feet from falling, without bruising skin. Unlike generic supports, the special Velcro®-style closure
material will not chafe, catch or snag clothing. Like all our products, these machine wash and dry.
Universal Elastic Strap
Cushioned, snagless material with a stiffened end tab and thumb hole for easier grasping, this elastic strap is the temporary -to-all-day positioning champion, for sports, travel, therapy and
computer work, or just hanging out at home.
Our detachable Pull Loop that is featured on our Ankle Huggers™ is designed for users with limited hand function. Its Bodypoint® teal color makes it easy to see, and can be used on our belts that feature the Rehab Latch ™.