Lower Body

If feet aren't stable, the torso twists to compensate, causing pain and compromising function. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.

Ankle Huggers®
Unique laminar pads™ keep feet centered, while our durable reinforcement patch avoids tears between straps and pads. Properly fitted Ankle Huggers® avoid the need for rachet-type products that may put pressure on top of the feet.
Non-skid nylon-coated aluminum with rounded edges protects humans, pets, walls and doors. Two sizes, and tough enough for kids and users with high tone.
Calf Supports
With silky, smooth Aeromesh® against the leg, and a stiffener layer to provide support, our calf supports blend comfort and function, controlling flexion without bruise risk. 
Universal Elastic Strap
Cushioned, snagless material with a stiffened end tab and thumb hole for easier grasping, this elastic strap is the temporary positioning champion, for sports, travel, therapy and computer work.