Lower Body

If feet aren't stable, the torso twists to compensate, causing pain and compromising function. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.

Ankle Huggers®
Unique laminar pads™ keep feet centered, while our durable reinforcement patch avoids tears between straps and pads. Properly fitted Ankle Huggers® may dampen spasms that begin in the feet before they start, and avoid the need for rachet-type products that can damage tissue on top of the feet.
NOTE: This entire footplate line is being discontinued, and remaining inventory is limited, so order as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment!

Non-skid nylon-coated aluminum with rounded edges protects humans, pets, walls and doors. Two sizes, and tough enough for kids and users with high tone.

Calf Supports
This product has two layers: silky, smooth Aeromesh® against the leg, and a stiffener layer made from recycled 7UP bottles to provide structure. This combination blends comfort and function, controlling flexion and helping to keep feet from falling, without bruising skin. Unlike generic supports, the special Velcro®-style closure material will not catch or snag clothing.
Universal Elastic Strap
Cushioned, snagless material with a stiffened end tab and thumb hole for easier grasping, this elastic strap is the temporary positioning champion, for sports, travel, therapy and computer work.