Pelvic Positioning

As the body's core, the pelvis anchors safe, comfortable, functional positions. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.

Evoflex® Belt Extender

One size fits all. Can be cut to desired length with a saw or bent with heat as needed

Made of durable, high-impact plastic that maintains the stiffness of the Evoflex

Smart locking pins prevents unwanted pivot

Sold separately or in combination with the Evoflex®
Slip-on Pads

Used with our non-padded belts, including our Quad Belt, for added comfort

Slide over the webbing for greater pressure distribution

Available in three sizes

Sub-ASIS Pads

Available in two sizes, these teardrop-shaped pads filled with gel reduce pressure on the abdomen and bladder, or anywhere else you put them

Used with a compatible belt, including our Evoflex®, they control pelvic obliquity and rotation without a tight fit

Place in pairs for sports, curbs or trails; to fill anatomical gaps and asymmetry on any part of the body
Replacement buckle covers

Pop-off/on covers offer different levels of buckle release difficulty, from easy to caregiver-only

Exclusive to Bodypoint push-button-style belts