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Replacement buckle covers

Add or reduce security, as needed

Optional Push-Button Buckle Covers

Giving users different levels of belt release access, from easy to attendant-only, we developed a series of covers for security and safety. Our Buckle Security Covers, for example, can be instantly opened with a pen tip and are available for our current push button buckles as well as our previous buckle model. Standard push-button buckles come with an easy to open button. With a patented design, these covers are exclusive to our unique Bodypoint push-button belts.


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Product Overview

Replacement Push-Button Buckle Covers

Replacement push-button buckle covers are available in three styles. Security Covers, the most difficult to unfasten, require a pen tip to open. Reduced Access covers are easier to open (using a fingertip) but still more difficult than the standard buckle. Standard replacements for push-button buckles feature an easy to open button. Each of these patented covers is exclusive to Bodypoint and helpful for users from fidgety children to adults with dementia. 

Product Sizing

Reduced access covers, for post 2011, 1 1/2 " (4cm) current Push button buckles


Reduced access covers, for post 2011 , 2 " (5cm) current Push button buckles


Security cover, 1 1/2 in(4cm) current push-button buckles (post 2011)


Security cover, 2 in(5cm) current push-button buckles (post 2011)


Security cover, 1 in(25mm) for 1 " (25mm) push button buckles


Replacement Standard access covers, 1 1/2 " (4cm) current push button buckles


Replacement Standard access covers, 2 " (5cm) current push button buckles


Security buckle covers, Old style discontinued buckles used with 1 1/2 " (4cm) and 2 " (5cm) webbing for old style push button buckle belts pre 2010

Product Instructions
Instructions for Use

Click on the link below to download product instructions.

Push-Button Buckle Covers Product Instruction (FS018/FS019)

Buckle Security Cover Product Instruction (FS029C)

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