We provide innovative pediatric, temporary positioning and sports options, along with our unique Aeromesh® belt and calf support for shower chairs, pool lifts and beach wheelchairs.

Frame Clamp

Open-jaw design fits underneath
seat upholstery and armrest pads

Made with sturdy, two-piece
aluminum construction for long life
Stayflex™ Chest Support

Provides firm trunk control with more freedom of movement in the shoulders than the PivotFit or Trimline.

Patented dual zone elastic construction avoids upward shift at the neckline when the user leans forward.

New MD (multi-directional) Pull Straps allow setup as front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting. Quick-release swivel buckles on the lower straps allow easy removal.

Available in two widths and with or without zipper.
PivotFit™ Shoulder Harness

Sleek, anatomically-matched design distributes pressure across a greater surface area than a traditional H-harness for optimal support and comfort.

Easy-to-adjust sternum strap is placed low to reduce risk of strangulation.

New MD (multi-directional) Pull Straps can be set up as front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting.

Choose the Dynamic Style to allow controlled stretch or the Standard Style to reduce movement.

The advantages of retractable belts, without hardware against the hips

Stiffened end straps stay upright when unfastened, avoiding the wheels

Straps pivot forward and back for easy transfers or part-time use

Can be used on chest, upper legs and/or trunk, and compatible with our sub-ASIS pads. A great solution for users who dislike webbing belts.

Though mounting hardware is included, consider our Evoflex Belt Extenders if extra mounting is needed.

A front-pull option (shown) with a single pad for more stretch, and a center-release version with dual pads for lateral supports or independent use.

Smaller sizes are narrower for pediatric fit.

Tapered shape and our proprietary swivel buckle equalize pressure, while engineered padding stabilizes even strong spastic tone.

Standards-tested swivel buckle secures standing programs.

On upper abdomen, supports breath control and speech.
Ankle Huggers®

A comfortable and dynamic alternative to rigid shoe holders and foot straps

Help balance the lower body in response to upper body movements

Unique laminar padsTM evenly distribute pressure around the ankle

Now come with detachable pull-loops
2-Point Padded Hip Belts

Webbing that is not slippery, yet easily cleaned by hand or in a machine

Seamless rounded edge transition from webbing to pads

Anatomical laminarTM pads for better fit

Center, rear and dual-pull styles

Five buckle options: low-profile swivel, low-force Rehab LatchTM (airplane), side-release (Fastex) and adult or pediatric push button.
4-Point Padded Hip Belts

Primary + secondary straps provide stable positioning for anterior pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation and thrusting.

Design supports many mounting angles and accommodates asymmetry

Five buckle styles: low-profile swivel, low-force Rehab LatchTM (airplane), side-release (Fastex; only available with dual pull belts) and adult or pediatric push button

Extra attachment points keep belt from riding up or pressing on abdomen