We provide innovative pediatric, temporary positioning and sports options, along with our unique Aeromesh® belt and calf support for shower chairs, pool lifts and beach wheelchairs.

Bodypoint® Mobility Bag

The Mobility Bag keeps necessities secure and out of sight, yet fully accessible in our just-right 9"x 7.5"x 4.25" bag.

Two large zippered pockets and mesh compartment with no-jingle loops and reverse zippers to identify compartment by touch.

Hook for hanging in bathroom.

Quick insertion and removal under or next to wheelchair seat; easily slides into airplane and train seat back pockets.
Elastic Extension Strap

The Elastic Extension Strap adds 28" to the original Universal Elastic Strap, e.g. for front and back applications,

Since the Velcro®-type fastener is more difficult to manipulate and less obtrusive than the Elastic Strap, it can also work well on its own, as a lower leg support in a wheelchair for even young children and toddlers.

The advantages of retractable belts, without hardware against the hips

Stiffened end straps stay upright when unfastened, avoiding the wheels

Straps pivot forward and back for easy transfers or part-time use

Can be used on chest, upper legs and/or trunk, and compatible with our sub-ASIS pads. A great solution for users who dislike webbing belts.

Though mounting hardware is included, consider our Evoflex Belt Extenders if extra mounting is needed.

A front-pull option (shown) with a single pad for more stretch, and a center-release version with dual pads for lateral supports or independent use.

Smaller sizes are narrower for pediatric fit.

Tapered shape and our proprietary swivel buckle equalize pressure, while engineered padding stabilizes even strong spastic tone.

Standards-tested swivel buckle secures standing programs.

On upper abdomen, supports breath control and speech.
Elastic Strap

Available in three widths and cut-to-size 56" length, the Strap provides temporary or all-day support for travel, work, exercise, sports and everything else.

More comfortable than traditional binders or corsets, yet firmly supportive. Use on the chest, abdomen, thighs or lower legs.

Made from a cushy fabric with no irritating stitching, with an easy-grasp thumb hole, and will not snag clothing.
Aeromesh® Calf Supports

Engineered for superior pressure distribution and durability, Bodypoint Calf Supports support the lower legs and control flexion without bruising.

Our soft, cool Aeromesh® provides just enough give for stable comfort.

For more targeted ankle support, consider our patented Ankle Huggers® instead.