Upper Body

Head and chest position trade off stability and movement. Breathing, speech, nutrition and hydration may all suffer if that balance is inadequate.

Shoulder Harness

Retract and help correct shoulder rotation, while helping to support the head and neck with comfort, durability and easy care.

PivotFit™ Shoulder Harness

More grime-resistant, sleeker H-harness design distributes pressure across 25% more surface area for better fit and comfort

Body-contouring shape and curve-hugging laminar padsTM provide targeted support where it's needed most

Choose the dynamic version to enable more torso movement or the standard version for spinal curvature or trunk rotation.
Trimline Shoulder Harness

For maximum shoulder retraction

Unilaterally-adjustable padded straps comfortably accommodate asymmetry

Minimal chest contact when worn backpack-style

Can also be worn with straps crossed over the sternum for minimal arm contact
H-Style Shoulder Harness

Classic Bodypoint® design for moderate to strong shoulder positioning; also consider the newer, less-intrusive PivotFitTM

Non-stretch pads for shoulder support without chest constriction

Help users sit upright for easier breathing, swallowing, head and trunk control