Upper Body

Shoulder and chest position are critical to breathing, speech, eating and drinking. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.

Shoulder Harness

Choose a Trimline harness for maximum shoulder retraction or significant asymmetry, the PivotFit™ for balanced shoulder/chest support in rotation, the Stayflex™ for more sternal support in flexion.

Trimline Shoulder Harness

Shoulder retraction support with maximum freedom of movement across the chest

Unilaterally-adjustable padded straps comfortably accommodate asymmetry

Minimal chest contact when worn backpack-style

PivotFit™ Shoulder Harness

More grime-resistant, sleeker H-harness design distributes pressure across 25% more surface area for better fit and comfort

Body-contouring shape and curve-hugging laminar padsTM provide targeted support where it's needed most

Choose the dynamic version to enable more torso movement or the standard version for spinal curvature or trunk rotation.
H-Style Shoulder Harness

Classic Bodypoint® design for moderate to strong shoulder positioning; also consider the newer, less-intrusive PivotFitTM

Non-stretch pads for shoulder support without chest constriction

Help users sit upright for easier breathing, swallowing, head and trunk control