Upper Body

Head and chest position trade off stability and movement. Breathing, speech, nutrition and hydration may all suffer if that balance is inadequate.

Chest Support

Stabilize the upper body, while allowing for the chest expansion that supports speech, nutrition and respiration.


Two new versions: (1) the front-pull underarm option (shown) with a single pad for more stretch, and (2) a center-release option with dual pads and a front buckle for lateral supports or more independent use

Smaller sizes are now narrower for improved pediatric fit.

Tapered shape and our proprietary swivel buckle equalize pressure, while engineered padding stabilizes even strong spastic tone.

Standards-tested swivel buckle can easily support users in standing programs.
Stayflex™ Chest Support

When the PivotFit does not provide enough sternal support, but shoulder retraction is still needed, the Stayflex is the chest support of choice

Patented “dual zone” elastic construction avoids upward drift into neck

Available in 2 widths, 2 pull styles, with or without zipper

The advantages of retractable belts, without hardware against the hips

Stiffened end straps stay upright when unfastened, without catching in wheels

Straps pivot forward and back for easy transfers or part-time belt use

Can be used on chest, legs and/or trunk, and compatible with our sub-ASIS pads. A great solution for active users who dislike webbing belts.

Mounting hardware is included free with your order.
Universal Elastic Strap

Available in three widths and cut-to-size 56" length, the Strap provides temporary support for movement, work, therapy, sports and fittings.

Use on the chest, abdomen, thighs or lower legs.

With or without an extension strap (28"), wrap around a wheelchair back, motor vehicle seat or recliner

Made from a cushy fabric with no irritating edge stitching, it has an easy-grasp end tab with a convenient thumb hole, and will not snag clothing.
Chest Belt

Hook-and-loop closure (similar to Velcro®) belt has a stiffened end-tab and an oversized D-ring for easy grasping

Simple adjustment for users with limited hand function

Can combine with Slip-on Pads for added comfort