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Evoflex® Belt Extender

Evoflex® Belt Extender can be used to add up to 12.5cm (5") length on each side

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Product Overview

Evoflex® Belt Extender

Made of thick, durable plastic, the Evoflex® Belt Extender maintains the stiffness of the Evoflex® while lengthening the belt up to 12.5cm (5") per side. A perfect solution for mounting to wheelchairs with thicker cushions, deeply contoured seating or distant mounting points.

Smart locking pin adds a second connection point with the belt, preventing unwanted pivot. Alternately, use the reverse side of the Belt Extender, without the locking pin, to allow pivoting around obstacles.

The Belt Extender can be used with all Evoflex® sizes. Can be cut to desired length with a saw or bent with heat as needed. Fasteners included.

If you would like to purchase the Evoflex® and Belt Extender together at a discounted price, go to the Evoflex page and select “With Belt Extender” as an option while configuring your Evolfex® Hip Belt

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Instructions for Use

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Evoflex Belt and Belt Extender Product Instruction

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