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Sub-ASIS Pads

Teardrop-shaped gel pads

Comfortable gel Sub-ASIS Pads

Get firm pelvis control with reduced abdomen pressure by using durable, synergel-filled Sub-ASIS Pads. The teardrop shaped gel pads comfortably space the belt away from the abdomen while firmly controlling the pelvis just below the ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine) to reduce bladder pressure. For use with our Sub-ASIS Compatible Belts, Evoflex Pelvic Stabilizer and Hip Grip, the backside of the pads have a hook material that securely holds the pads in place.


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Product Overview

Comfortable gel pads, in two sizes

Reduce abdominal pressure or improve fit and comfort anywhere else, by using durable, gel-filled teardrop-shaped pads. Pads are sold in pairs. Used with our compatible hip belts, including the Evoflex®,  the back side of each pad is a hook material that securely holds it in place, but it can easily be repositioned as needed. The front side is smooth against clothing.

Unique to Bodypoint, the pads fill anatomical gaps while improving fit and comfort in a variety of situations. They add depth to what is otherwise a flat belt.

Product Sizing

Pad length 10cm (4 inches), pad width 4 1/2cm (1 3/4 inches), pad maximum height 2 1/2cm (1 inch) or larger webbing


Pad length 12cm (4 5/8 inches), pad width 5 1/2cm (2 1/4 inches), pad maximum height 4cm (1 1/2 inches) or 5cm (2 inches) webbing

Product Instructions
Instructions for Use

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Sub-ASIS Pad Product Instruction

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Sub-ASIS Pad Sizes