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Seattle, Washington

Amin is a local Seattleite, dating coach and fashionista. As the Dating Coach on Wheels, he practices what he preaches -- the role that confidence, appearance and energy play in romantic relationships.

While visiting Bodypoint, Amin noticed BP’s new Mobility Bag. Since his power chair has a center footplate receiver, he couldn’t slide the bag under the metal seat pan. Instead, he attaches it to his arm rest side guard. This allows him to access his phone, wallet, keys, cell phone charger, and other personal belongings from the side of the chair. And, “I love that it is discreet and fashionable. Nobody even knows it’s there,” Amin reports. Watch Amin's demonstration.”


What Amin loves:

  • Easy to see objects inside
  • 2 separate pockets
  • Ease of open/close
  • Beauty-- people don’t notice it

The Evoflex® is another BP product that Amin uses. He’s found that:
  • He can travel fast, including uneven terrain, while feeling safer
  • He can tuck it away when he's not using it
  • It provides stable support for sports, like archery
  • He can carry objects like his laptop bag, more easily on his lap, without sliding
Amin's site offers dating tips and more.