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Tales of everyday positioning

Our users show what our products do much better than we can. A young man who can sit tall. A teenager who doesn't want to drool in front of friends. An athlete who treasures every inch of movement on the court. For everyone, we manufacture products that improve function, appearance and self-esteem. Our users demonstrate courage, confidence and dignity in their everyday challenges, so we make products that support their goals. 

Amin Lakhani Bodypoint Products

Dating coach on wheels

Amin's life transformed when he hired a dating coach. Now, he shares what he learned with others.

Julie-Grant Bodypoint Products

Professional problem solver

After two college majors separated by an SCI, Julie discovered that her career and her passion could be one and the same.

Josh Dueck Bodypoint Products

Core connection

An elite skier before and after his accident, Josh shows the power of a strong core -- in competition and in daily life.

>Jordan PivotFit Shoulder Harness

Positioning from toddler to teen

As Jordan grew, his parents struggled to meet his positioning needs.

Alin shares how six Bodypoint products work and last

Alin reached out through Facebook to report the six Bodypoint products that make bowling night a success.

Barry Long, “product tester,” talks about the Evoflex®  

As someone who’s “hard on equipment,” Barry shares how the Evoflex affects his mobility.

Hal L. gives away the bride

Wearing a Monoflex™ Chest Support enabled Hal to speak aloud the four simple words that meant the world to his family.

Todd’s Tri-Lock™ Rotating Shaft maximizes his mobility

Todd catalogues how durability and smart design have given him over 75,000 miles of confident travel...and counting.

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