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Barry Long “product tester” talks about the Evoflex® Pelvic Stabilizer

As an extreme sports adventurer that’s notably “hard on equipment,” Barry Long shares detailed insights on the Evoflex® Pelvic Stabilizer and how it makes him consistently more mobile.

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Used a pelvic positioning device only for sports or extreme activities

Uses it consistently in everyday use for more efficient mobility

Barry Long

Woodinville, WA, USA

Barry’s unbridled enthusiasm for life and adventure is contagious. An intrepid explorer, his extreme sports exploits give him a unique way to test the limits of his equipment. Consequently, we asked Barry, who is not one to mince words, to product test the Evoflex® Pelvic Stabilizer and provide us with feedback.

For Barry, the only times he had worn a pelvic positioning device, or ‘belt’, was during sports. In the case of an athletic sports event - downhill mountain biking, waterskiing, or bungee jump, he didn’t think twice about locking himself down to be more connected to the wheelchair or sports equipment. But in everyday life, he never even considered it.

After he used the Evoflex, he provided us a full report. Here is some of what he had to say:

“After 20 years of believing that I would NEVER wear a “belt,” the Bodypoint Evoflex® Pelvic Stabilizer changed my way of thinking.”

“I have been [so] pleasantly surprised that I not only use the Evoflex Pelvic Stabilizer on my chair constantly, but will continue to use it. They [Bodypoint] have definitely made my mobility ‘push’ more efficient and I like the firmness the belt gives me when in motion!”

See why Barry went from “I will never wear a ‘belt’” to a fan and user of the Evoflex.

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