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A Midline Without Compromise

Midlines Without Compromise: The Bodypoint Tri-Lockô


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Mounting on a Permobil Corpus chair

Many joystick users find it difficult to drive all day while holding their arm out to the side. A "midline" position allows them to better leverage their torso, where most of the weight is. Bodypoint's midline, like all our postural supports, is tested to ensure consistent performance year after year, even with high-tone users and driving in bumpy conditions.

Tri-Lockô kits support optimal access with economical convenience. Independent users simply swing the lightweight, corrosion-resistant arm away and back to the preset driving position for all-day success (>75,000 miles and counting for Todd Stabelfeldt, shown below). Unique to Bodypoint's system, a hidden but simple flip-stop toggles between independent and caregiver-assisted release.

Our midline systems are available as complete kits or separate components. Each kit includes a rotating shaft, mounting clamp and joystick adapter to fit the wheelchair and controller, as well as a choice of straight, L or J-shaped midline arm.

Many users are well-served by the straight arm. The L-shaped arm allows additional height and fore/aft adjustment. The J-shaped arm accommodates a tray.

New! Now our midline arms are lightweight, easily-cut-to-size in seconds, corrosion-resistant satin-finish hollow stainless steel. The load-tested angle- and height-adjustable mounting clamp holds up to 30 lbs. securely, even when adjusted 100 up or down to accommodate cantilevered armrests or chairs in tilt.

Whether mounted horizontally or vertically, the system offers smooth swing away function. Rather than cycling through several preset stops, it simply moves from driving position to a 900 stop for transfers and a 2400 stop to rest out of the way, against the chair.

For additional stability, the rotating shaft can convert to automatic locking with a hidden flip-stop, for caregiver-assisted release. In the independent release position, a user can easily move the arm to vertical position for transfers, and from there rest it against the wheelchair for table use, or a caregiver can push it.

In locked position, as appropriate for users with involuntary movements, a push-button press is needed to release the arm.

For traditional joystick use, complete the system with a BP handle or knob. We have a number of ergonomic joystick handles designed to meet the needs of a wide range of power chair users.


 75,000 Tri-Lock miles and counting!