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Vol. 8.3, published March 2023



Meet the Dynamic Arm Support

The development of the Dynamic Arm Support was a direct reflection of our reputation for quality, expertise, and innovation. We now provide solutions for upper extremity support to secure our place in the industry as the brand-of-choice. If it’s a Bodypoint product, you can count on it. 

Anterior Trunk Support Usage Guide

This comprehensive, 8-page booklet provides a detailed look at the clinical applications for upper body postural supports. It reviews typical posture-related issues and offers guidance on which types of anterior trunk supports can help achieve different clinical goals. Published May 2020.

Webinar and Training Series

We were pleased to offer a Webinar and Training Program in the Summer of 2020 to provide Bodypoint product information, clinical application and educational opportunities on seating and positioning topics. 

You can view recordings of these presentations on our YouTube channel (along with more than 40 other videos!), or if you have an account with Bodypoint and access to our Partner Center you can find them in our Webinar folder. Topics include:

  • Pelvic positioning, with a focus on belt mounting angles
  • Evoflex Hip Belt positioning applications
  • Use of anterior trunk supports for postural issues
  • Thoracic and upper body positioning
  • Adaptive sports positioning and seating considerations
  • Mounting hardware solutions
  • Postural supports for use in the bath