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Belt Mounting Hardware Kit

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Stock Code: BMR-41

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Product Overview

Mounting Hardware Kit

Keeps the widest range of mounting and adjustment solutions for any wheelchair at your fingertips. This portable tool kit is perfect for fittings, assessments, and training sessions — any time, any place.

The Mounting Hardware Kit (BMR-41) comes complete with all sizes of the following Bodypoint® mounting hardware, plus other handy tools:

  • T-Slot Fastener Kits
  • Seat Mounting Brackets
  • FrameSaver Clamps
  • Band Clamps
  • Frame Clamps
  • Evoflex® Belt Extender

Plus these other handy tools:

  • Bodypoint® Measuring Tape
  • Hardware Gauge
  • Hex Key
  • 10mm Socket Wrench
  • 13mm Socket Wrench
  • Mounting Hardware Poster

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