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FrameSaver™ Clamp

Mount accessories without having to drill tubing. Also sold in packs of 50.

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Product Overview

FrameSaver ClampTM

Made of a super-tough nylon, the FrameSaver™ Clamp is incredibly strong and can support 500kg (1102lbs) without breaking or scratching the surface. It snaps into place for safe mounting anywhere along wheelchair tubing without having to drill. The FrameSaver™ Clamp is perfect when clearance is not an issue. Fits popular Ø25mm (1") tubing, and includes a 22mm (7/8") shim. A Ø19mm (3/4") shim can be ordered separately. Sold in pairs.

Product Sizing
Clamp, 22mm Shim, M6 Screw Fits 25mm [1 in] tubing, and includes shim for 22mm [7/8 in] tubes. 19mm [3/4 in] shims available separately.

Typical breaking strength = 567kg [1250lbs]

Product Instructions
Instructions for Use

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FrameSaver™ Clamp Product Instructions

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