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Joystick Handle Ring

Stem size Ø1/4" Stem, with 7-Pins

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Product Overview

Joystick Ring Display

Showcase all Bodypoint joysticks with our new Joystick Ring Display. This new tool is lightweight and perfect for evaluations, trainings and other activities in the field. Supports 6.4 mm (1/4") stem size joysticks only. Each ring comes equipped with:

  • One of each Bodypoint joystick handles, plus two extra Grooved Mushroom Joystick Handles (PC110) cut down to different heights.
  • Removable handles – joystick handles easily pull off from the metal pins to better allow for demonstrations, fittings and evaluations.
  • A branded tag that includes joystick part numbers and product names. Also, included on the tag is a QR code linked to the Bodypoint Joystick Handle webpage.

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           Joystick Display Info Sheet

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Product Instructions
Instructions for Use

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Joystick Handle Product Instruction

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